Puffer Fish With Donald Trump’s Mouth

This gallery is the greatest thing ever shared on the internet. Truly a masterpiece!

13 thoughts on “Puffer Fish With Donald Trump’s Mouth”

  1. It’s funny because we only have 4 more years of listening to the whining. Maybe 8 years.

  2. Hilarious and disgusting. Like Trump.

  3. The best part is Hillary lost and her childish followers can’t stand it

  4. We gotsa a-tomic power plant jest down the road and the fish in the coolin’ pond looks sorta like them fishes. Joe Bob don’t mind, says theys still good eatin’.

  5. Keep up the good work Bubba.
    Would love to visit your ranch sometime.

  6. Problem is most americans are her followers.

  7. I know, I really wish Trump would get the hell of the twitter. Good ****** christ, he is such a man-baby.

  8. Or at least hire a translator from his nonsense to properly thought out ideas.

  9. What I actually find amusing is that the right’s imbecile of choice won and the right is still shrieking and whining on the internet. It’s almost like they lost. Well, actually, we all lost.

  10. Trump and friends are desperate and driven. It’s the fear not fullfilling their greed stealing from the american taxpayer and losing the publicitiy in their hateful meaningless lives.

  11. Where are the pictures of the fish? I was told there would be fish pictures, with Trumpette’s mouth photoshopped on them, but all I see is pictures of Trumpette.

  12. I think you sum it up well Puddin’ Tain. If your candidate loses, that’s just as the Russians say, “Tuffsky Shitsky…….!

  13. Ach, phuckit, these are just some American problems.
    Oh, actually, no

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