If Fishing Were Easy…

7 thoughts on “If Fishing Were Easy…”

  1. Great way to get yourself punched in the face.

  2. my mom’s a prostitute, but she’s still not as easy as sticking a hook in the water; fishing the sport of obese Americans

  3. Aren’t those just called Americans?

  4. Shouldn’t it say “if fishing WAS easy”?

  5. In much the same way as the UK has about the same rate of obesity as the US, and Mexico is even higher. Sure Groot, why not…

  6. Nope – this grammatical mood is called “subjunctive mood” and is used for a possible but not existing reality (or something like that). Anyway – would not be my choice of t-shirt either. But who says this guy is American? Couldn’t he be …Canadian or British?

  7. Shut up everyone

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