Donald Trump: The Early Years

OMG, he's about to say his first words!

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Early Years”

  1. Pathetic, I used to love all the humor, now it’s nothing but a bunch of resentful post that can be seen on CNN

  2. Back to your Fox-Bubble, Boy. Too much free thinking out here. MAGA.

  3. I find it kind of funny. US politicians today on both sides seem to get to pick and choose which laws or policies they want to enforce then scream bloody murder if someone else chooses something different. Even if it is something they previously endorsed.

  4. It is amazing to see how grown-ups (R) keep defending a potus whose serious problems in the mental department are obvious to all.

  5. Because they fear to lose their privileges. If your born-in privileges are everything you have achieved… You end up with nothing in the modern world. Losers are Trumps enablers.

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