Poor Guy In Need of Help



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  1. Looks more like he lost all his food for the last six months.

    • So much for weed isn’t harmfull. Pah.

    • The Lone Wonderer August 30, 2017

      Yea I’ve had about enough of people saying weed isn’t harmful.
      It’s great if it gives relief to people who ACTUALLY need/want it, but there’s a large chance (1 in 6) that the person using it will end up psychotic, providing more unstable people into society.

    • TLW: Over my many years I have known a large number of people who smoked weed, and not a single one of them were psychotic after smoking it that were not psychotic before. Go to youtube and watch Reefer Madness. It’s hilarious without a single shred of fact.
      Further, as the US found out in the 1920s-30s, prohibition doesn’t work.

    • I worked with people who smoked weed many years ago. They were all a bit “soft” in the head. It definitly damages the brain. I’m not against medical applications but healthy people should not smoke that weed.

    • Dat, healthy people shouldn’t drink alcohol either nor should they smoke. Alcohol is actually worse than weed.

  2. I paid £900 in tax this month!
    Maybe I should’ve sat on my arse and taken drugs and let everyone else pay my bills – maybe if I had a humorous piece of card I could be famous too?
    I seriously wish people like this would just die quickly and save me some money!

    • But, but, from what the socialists in the US tell us, you Brits happily pay your obscenely high tax rate so that your government can provide you with free health care. If you can survive the wait, that is…..

    • Typical american anti-social attitude. You’d rather see your neighbour die before you help him with financing health care. Perverted country with inhumane people. Someone once wrote it here: That’s what you get when deported criminals, perverts and religious lunatics claim their own country.

    • Someguy Somewhere August 31, 2017

      Whoa there zumanga… you just slammed Austrailia and all their prisoner forefathers. Have you no shame or consideration?

  3. You are looking at a crack addict with a bogus sign.
    former PD here..

  4. alisha dally September 6, 2017

    Whoa the Dat and lone ranger are way off the mark …former PD has it right ..as for the man who wishes death on someone? You really need help..

  5. Does he really bragg about being a drug addict??

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