This Is How Internet Trolls Live

20 thoughts on “This Is How Internet Trolls Live”

  1. I thought trolls lived under bridges.

  2. I about threw up. Those pictures are putrid.

  3. Is this your mom’s basement?

  4. The first one and the one where it was only a pic of the keyboard… ugh

  5. This is Hillary’s private server.

  6. One could look closely at the screens to see what OS these subhuman trolls all use… but we already know, don’t we.

  7. in the first picture…. are all the bottles at the back filled with urine?

  8. Kauf Buch’s home office.

  9. Mine has more kleenex

  10. This actually made me feel better about my level of cleanliness.

  11. After the Russians were there.

  12. Holy shit never knew that trolls were so organized… over here it’s just a terrible mess compared to these fine examples.

  13. . . . with no caps on them.

  14. yeah, those are bottles of piss in the first photo.

  15. I thought Win/tel only had 90% of the market.

  16. +1
    Indeed. Sometimes I think my place is a mess, but when comparing it to a surgery and those pictures above, it is pretty close to the surgery even at the worst of times.

  17. Two words: Dis. Gusting.

  18. One’s even under the house. Ewwwwwwwww!!!!

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