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Yay! The origins of life finally explained!


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  1. This post will not go unpunished.

  2. Chanandler Bong March 5, 2021


  3. Whatever Whenever March 5, 2021

    C’mon…TRY TO CLOWN WITH MOHAMMED. I dare you.

    • Anonymous March 6, 2021

      Mohammed was a clown. Mohammeds followers are clowns 🤡
      Any place that has a high population of Mohammedans is a clown world. The only thing worse than mohammedans are Biden supporters. That do it?

    • The Free World March 6, 2021

      Trump followers are something like christian mohammedans. They want power, they want control over your life and your thoughts. If neccessary with deadly force. They want the U.S.A. to be a christian Iran.
      America has to fight them and to wipe them out like you fight cancer or wipe out a pest. Because they won’t come to their senses. They are blinded by hate and their own ambition to be above society and to enslave all others. Qanon is the ISIS of America.
      You only have three choices with Trump and his supporters:
      1. Lock them up. (Most of them a criminals anyway, Trump included)
      2. Ban them from your country’s soil. Exile them as outcasts. Enemies of democracy that they are.
      3. Wipe them out. Let them take the first blow, then blow back harder and anihilate them. If you try to hug them for peace and brotherhood they will stab you in the back.

  4. Anonymous March 6, 2021

    What does that even mean?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 6, 2021

      That God is cruel, relentless and has no concience. Not worthy your worship.

  5. Anonymous March 6, 2021

    The ones burning books and demanding everyone bow to their totalitarian authority are the Left, as usual. Burn, loot, murder and Antifa are the Left in America. But they only riot and loot in cities that don’t allow guns. It’s why only big cities get hit. Makes the news but is meaningless. I know how much you hate the truth but America is doing just fine and will continue to do just fine. I’ve been reading the hate America BS for decades now and have no worries. Now non American countries where only the Government has guns… those people i worry about.


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