The Left Too, Are Now Engaging In Motorized Warfare

16 thoughts on “The Left Too, Are Now Engaging In Motorized Warfare”

  1. And the Left tells them to be PROUD of their obesity
    (which will kill them…and puh-lease, you can skip the “we will all die” nonsense!)
    Leftism is a mental illness.

  2. Might not be as dangerous driving one of them into protesters. Fascists are still the better murderers.

  3. Days the guy who has no mind at all.

  4. Take out a “D” and put in a “S” if you are not illiterate.

  5. “Fascists are still the better murderers.”
    Yes, the government is very good at this. Remember, the Nazis where socialists.

  6. No, they weren’t. There was nothing socialist about them. It was just a decoy. Don’t tell lies.
    And it wasn’t the goverment that drove a car into protesters. It was one of your KKK friends. Your government is is on your side now. Your president welcomed the killing. You can’t blame them for your hate crimes anymore.

  7. Please define in what way President Trump “welcomed the killing”.

  8. That all ya got, Dat?!
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    It’s TRUE, and you know it.

  9. Ahh…the Good Goosestepper steps up to the plate to deny, deny, deny.
    Socialism is NOT just “state ownership;” that’s the fig leaf/Big Lie created around 1942,
    when there was the breakup between Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR.
    And that car driver was mentally ill. For years.
    You lie about Trump’s words.
    As all Leftists do. LIE.

  10. Regulated state control in defined fields garanties stability and quality for the citizens.
    That’s why the US is a 3rd world country with desolate infrastructure, is world leader in crime and imprisonment, has no functioning social system and can’t even provide clean water for it’s citizens.
    With Trump now at the helm it’s doomed to become a failed state in history. You better crawl back to Britain. They are in need of colonies soon.

  11. You yanks are all stark raving mad…

  12. Send those porkers to the rendering plant.

  13. Have you ever taken a good look around you at the trailer park as you step out onto the porch in order to enjoy your morning beer? You know, the home of the average RWNJ? Those who aren’t fat* are missing most of their teeth. And they all have goatees, the official facial hair of the blithering idiot.
    *I’m not fat shaming. I am the proud owner of my own excess avoir dupois. But sheesh, claiming that one side is portlier than the other is fairly close to the most moronic thing I have encountered in this entire moronic election cycle/”presidential” run.

  14. Kumbayah, the Nazis were fascist, not socialist. You really should learn your isms.

  15. Don’t bother Kauf with facts. His fake facts are much cooler. And they support his point 100%.

  16. One doesn’t have to be left to be against fascism. One has to be sane, though.

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