Trapped Trash Panda



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  1. Pest Control October 7, 2016

    Would have been better just leaving the pestering raccoon there.

  2. It's a jeep thing.... October 7, 2016

    I rescued two young raccoons in a rubbish bin last Friday! They are so cute!

    • This is why you should leave raccoons TF alone-

    • It's a jeep thing.... October 8, 2016

      I like to live dangerously. And I am not going to let an animal suffer. They were scared, and needed out. I am not in the habit of looking to mess with wildlife, I have however done enough work with rescue organisations to have some knowledge of what I am doing. Having done animal rescue in Pakistan, England, RSA, US and Thailand. But, you know, thanks for the tip.

  3. So now raccoon’s new name is Trash Panda! Ok.

  4. Atomic Dawg October 9, 2016

    If they’d used a Brita pitcher, they could have avoided filling our recycling bins with raccoons…

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