How Women Should Dress (According to Fashion Designers)



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  1. These models must be crazy, why don’t they rebel? Spit the designer in the face and storm out cursing and yelling “I quit!”. Masochism? Hunger? I don’t get it.

    • Who always loves their job? Did you know a violinist in a symphony orchestra will sometimes have to play music they absolutely hate? Throwing a tantrum and storming off would just make the violinist unemployed and the next time the orchestra played something they loved, another violinist would be playing in their place. Do not mistake all fashion models as superstars, most of them are regular people doing a job for money, and are completely and utterly replaceable.

    • Money money money

  2. These are pieces of modern art shown to audiences in fashion shows, they are not meant to be worn as clothing.

  3. Is there an inside joke with fashion designers, where they try to crush models self esteem by making them wear the most ludicrous costume?

    • There are people that physically go into sewerage treatment plant pipes to sweep the sludge out of them. I think wearing a fruity and silly costume for art is not so bad a job.

  4. Bubba & Joe Bob February 28, 2016

    Joe Bob’s little Berty came home from school last week with some drawings she made in 3rd grade. Most looked jest like most of these goofy “clothes.” She got a “A” for drawing nitemare scenes.

  5. When you gotta host the Hunger Games at 8:30, but also have to star in The Wall at 10.

  6. this is the real stand-up comedy

  7. Same ole same ole… Meh… what shall I wear today?

  8. blatant memory loss February 28, 2016

    Love to see kardishan wear 1 of this today, in a week, half of the US will look like bunch of idiots.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob February 28, 2016

      Hey blatant, Joe Bob here… Bubba says half the US has been lookin like a bunch of idiots fer a long time.

  9. Sir Winston Churchill February 28, 2016

    This is why the Mohammedans will win.

  10. The Logical Psycho February 28, 2016

    Hmmm now i understand, its actually a big conspiracy going on because these designers are not making fashion but try to convince humans and make them used to the aliens, their culture and machines. Behold cause an invasion is on the way, and we haven’t built Yagers yet!

  11. you do realize there are two major branches in fashion – wearable and non-wearable clothing.
    this clearly is non-wearable.. it’s more like an attempt at clothing art.. to better or worse. Still – no-one expects this to be street wear for anyone.

    • Social engineering is how you categorize this crap. Notice the attempts to degenerate women and mess with their sexual identity (men’s clothings and beards).
      The same happens with male models dressed in this kind of mental garbage and making them look like (sick) women. Art my ***.

  12. All dressed up and ready for church!

  13. This does look a lot like some french arthouse films or something taken out of a Gullermo Del Toro movie.

  14. Patrick Paax March 18, 2016

    I really wish dressed like that. Really.

  15. thebigbadwolf April 6, 2016

    Look at how pissed their faces are…

  16. Xargugor IV October 6, 2019

    What’s that supposed to be, fashion?
    I want to pour over these clothes with gazoline, light them and burn them.
    The models are just complacent zombies who sell themselves here for money on this disease.

  17. Anonymous July 1, 2022

    I thought that man fashion is horrible, but this… this is horror.

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