Fake Tan Fails



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  1. Professional Handshaker October 7, 2015

    Last picture isn’t fair.

  2. Top right woman in 4th picture, that isn’t fake tan….
    She was in news story some time ago for bringing her daughter to a tan salon (not for tan). People got salty about that. But that is her real skin without fake tan lotion or spray.

  3. Top left, arg*

  4. fact check(like you care) October 7, 2015

    4th photoblock top left, thats not a fake tan…technically.
    thats beef jerky lady, the one who left her kid outside a tanning place while she was inside.
    her kid got a sun burn, which was pretty damn funny.
    she caught so much beef over it.
    but if you qualify a “fake” tan as one obtained by a tanning bed ill allow it.
    otherwise the rest of these are clearly spray on tans. they all look like donuts to me.

  5. Lazier Than Thou October 7, 2015

    Trump is such a perpetual disappointment.

    • And yet, still better than anything else either party is offering. That’s not a brag on him, it’s a statement about the rest.

  6. Nameless Minion #42 October 7, 2015

    3rd picture. The guy in the black T/blue button down shirt holding a drink. His tan looks pretty convincing; I dare say his tan is pretty awesome. ;-)

  7. ironically, many of these pictures shows not only fake tan fails… those ar fail persons alltogether!

  8. Some Old Guy October 7, 2015

    This series of pictures is from 10-12 years ago. I remember it from when EatLiver was just Liver. Bah! Young people and their short attention span. Bah!

  9. Weird and disgusting.

  10. Ez-Bake oven tech support request:
    We tried to use the ez-bake oven to cook bacon. It took five days. On the third day, the bulb burned out, so we replaced it with one from a tanning bed. Two days later, out came Snooki. How do we get her to leave?

  11. When did it become socially acceptable to be a ****?

  12. Oh we’re so pretty
    Oh so pretty
    We’re va****

  13. Please don’t tell me species like this really exist.

  14. god.. I know the guy next to Trump.

  15. Old but gold. And orange.

  16. Dat Splinter Guy October 19, 2015


  17. the girl with the long pink hair…is that even possible? something tells me that’s an outfit for some event because the other girls in the photo have similar costumes on, and all their arms are still very white.

  18. Guy in front of group of guys, third photo from last, is his hand down the pants of the guy behind him on the left??

  19. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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