Why Aren’t Faith Healers Working In Hospitals?

6 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Faith Healers Working In Hospitals?”

  1. Won’t ever forget the Benny hinn craze

  2. That’s one bad toupet.

  3. “Hello Petey, can you hear me? If you can’t, you’re in trouble” – Elizabeth Popoff

  4. What a tragic story. He could heal others. But not his own hair. Ironic.

    Cats > Toupee

    – Darth Cattius

  5. America is a repressed society like many other societies. It careens from one craze to another possibly because of it’s repressions. But ultimately, there are people who benefit from crazes because, we are a capitalist society. You could say Hinn brought hope to many. I don’t know if he healed or not. I do know that churches in Greece have many patron saints that do heal. I do know that spiritual realms are reachable and real.

  6. Sure, keep the fantasy in your life.

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