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  1. Price Leo April 4, 2017

    Did the racist person said (s)he is racist against whites?

  2. Unknown Origin April 5, 2017

    Why do people think you can only be racist against black people? I’m white and I’ve been the victim of verbal racism. I know a Chinese girl who has had racist comments directed at her. The list is endless. In fact I once saw a black guy telling a Pakistani boy to ‘go back home’. Racism is weird. I’ve never understood it. SHM.

    • Price Leo April 5, 2017

      Blacks are the majority victims of racism. But I agree we should update the concept. Any type of racism of bad.

    • Yep, it is weird. The two most racist people I’ve ever met were two white South Africans followed by a Romanian guy (who was apart from that major flaw a really decent guy), an Australian (racism towards the aboriginal inhabitants of course) and then a black Englishman. Having said this, most racism one can witness in predominantly white countries is against black people followed (in Europe at least) by racism against Arabs and then against any member of any Slavic people. For the USA fill in people from Mexico, Central and South America where you think it is appropriate.
      Oh, I know this lady from I think Guatemala. She really doesn’t like the Spanish, but that probably isn’t racism given how the Spanish have slayed her ancestors.

  3. WerdleTurtle April 5, 2017

    So the woman from Guatemala doesn’t count as a racist because the slaughter of her ancestors, but the two white South Africans do? Do you know anything about South Africa?

    • I doubt there is knowledge about SA. We have our issues, but come together as a nation to support each other more and more. Better than the US at the moment, I would say. My dad said the economy was really bad when he went this last Christmas to visit our family. Hasn’t improved. :(

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