New Liberal Game Show


Original cartoon by Joe Dator.


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  1. Just Sayin' April 28, 2017

    Sean Spicer says Obama administration was responsible for Michael Flynn’s vetting

  2. european stranger April 28, 2017

    So, it’s more a game show for non-liberals. They win, as facts don’t count for them. Whoever copied that and put his meme on it was a retard.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      You got offended, you get the points.

    • european stranger April 28, 2017

      I’m not american. I’m european. I can’t be offended by facts. Sorry.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      Europeans are like small toddlers: they always seek government to babysit them. But when the governments start to behave badly and fight each other, they cry to Uncle Sam to come and resolve the conflicts.

    • @Prince leo, that is what a socialist nanny-state does to people. I live here and it’s myth confirmed all the way. Especially sweden has gone full retard, but i think they would rather die apologizing for being born white and european before they would ask america for anything. And they would mean every word.

    • Northernbushmonkey April 28, 2017

      @prince leo. Wow. Just wow. As a former American who decided to getvout while the getting is good, i can assure you that your “facts” are bull crap. It really sounds like you have lost the ability to fact check internationally from news sources other than fox. Maybe just sit down until you learn how to learn. It must be nice to not care that everyone laughs at you. Good luck

    • EU citizen April 28, 2017

      Here in Europe everyone gets dizziness ’cause we have to shake our heads so hard because of the Americans and their alternate facts..

    • The Americans should have let the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia continue.

    • No, we shouldn’t have avoided it. It’s religious nuts doing things like that in the first place which inspires religious nuts on both sides. It’s a vicious cycle.

    • It was a European problem, Europeans should have fixed it themselves. You want the US to be the World Police, then cry about it when we are. Thank you for playing, and enjoy your lovely parting gifts.

    • Without your world police role you would have no purpose in life.

    • Without the world police role you would not have much of a world to live in.

    • If you’re a European, worry about your incredibly high unemployment, the social programs that are bankrupting you and the muslims who are invading and taking over your country producing 8 children for every one of yours. Your cultures will be gone in just a few decades and you see the same thing happening her and choose to criticize us. You don’t live here, mind you own business and worry about your imminent demise.

  3. Unknown Origin April 28, 2017

    When I was a girl, it was acceptable for your boss to pat you on the bottom as he walked past. If you complained, the men in the office would laugh and say “oh, its your bad week is it?” – any time a woman disagreed with a male he would say she must be ‘on blob’ which meant having her period. We were highly offended by this but as the equality laws didn’t exist back then we had no chance of stopping it. My science teacher would insist girls sat at the back of the class and talk about babies so he could teach the boys about physics. A colleague once told me that when she walked into her place of work when she was young, the others would make ‘monkey’ noises as she walked past (she was black). Again, in those days days there were no laws to protect anyone. It was fine to smack your children around the face in public. It was okay to discriminate against a person because of their gender or colour. So… when the ‘evil liberals’ try to stop offensive behaviour and comments – why do you always act as if its a bad thing to treat each other with respect?

    • You were a girl?

    • Monkeys have no respect, or dignity. If you were brave, you could respond “why are you so mean? did you wife beat you up…again?”

    • european stranger April 28, 2017

      They are afraid to lose their privileges and power, sexual and social. Egoism. That’s the most common reason for racism and mysogynism.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      Mr Stranger, you already got the points. Now stop crying.

    • european stranger April 28, 2017

      Are you against free speech, Leo? Let me guess. You are against it when it contradicts your opinion. … You are like all of Trump’s facist voters.

    • When it’s a conservative speaker liberal protesters turn out in droves to stifle speech and it often devolves into violence. When it’s a liberal speaker the counter protesters are far fewer and less violence seems to be involved. When neonazi groups show up at liberal events intending to start fights the beat down they may receive in return is fair game.
      The wacko church in Kansas is exempt from this as any protests they receive is deserved for gathering at veterans funerals.

    • downwithlibtards April 29, 2017

      You “were” a girl?? What are you now, lol…

    • Where did you grow up? I grew up in a half black school in Richmond California where no one graduated without being able to read, write and add, subtract and multiple and speak the English language correctly regardless of color, sex, religion or anything else. No girl was ever ridiculed or made fun of for her sex. We liked girls and dated them. They usually manipulated us and many were smarter than us. They seemed to grow up faster. Sure many became secretaries and went to college to get married but nothing prevented them from taking Science, Chemistry or Physics and succeeding at college. If someone slapped a girl on the backside they’d see the Dean and get suspended or get swats. Girls followed female role models and most chose not to become Science majors but nothing prevented them and the ones that did were surrounded by guys who liked them. There was no need of politically correct or Federal Civil Rights laws to prevent males from sexual assault, it was against the law in the 50s and 60s just as it is now. Talking about a girl’s period was taboo and shocking. I never heard it done in junior high or high school. Decent behavior was expected and required because we were kids, not adults. I have no idea what country you lived in but I think it’s in your mind. Laws don’t prevent behavior, having parents who raise you does. If a Science teacher made girls sit in the back he’d be disciplined but it wouldn’t happen because seating was usually alphabetical. When it wasn’t, the first in would go for the back so they could talk without the teacher hearing them
      in class. The girls usually sat in front so they could learn. Making fun of a girl for being Black was unheard of. You’d be looking for a race riot and certainly get your ass kicked. In 1963 our Black basketball star dated our White head cheer leader. Nobody liked it but nothing happened. Even if you are a Millennial, I doubt your story. It sounds made up. If any of those things happened the students or parents would raise hell with the principal or school superintendent. My sister became class president of her class. Liberals think everything can be fixed by Big Nanny Government and unnecessary, invasive laws. Look at Detroit or any Democrat run big city. In 1960 it had the highest per capita income in the US. Now it’s bankrupt, $20 billion in debt, has violent crime 5X the Nat’l average, the murder rate is 11 times higher than N.Y. Socialism doesn’t work, gun laws don’t stop crime, Liberal spend thrift Kumbaya laws don’t work any more than having third bathrooms for kids who don’t know what sex they are works or safe spaces for those who can’t accept any views by Leftist. Raising children by families works, being self-sufficient works, learn to be employable by training or education works, and all the things this country was founded on which are found in our Constitution and Bill of Rights work.

  4. european stranger is correct. Conservativism is rooted in fear, which is born of ignorance and in turn engenders anger, and the concept of treating those you fear with respect is alien to those whose are trying to make it through life with only a modicum of mental acuity.

    • Yeah, the sort of people who comment on youtube inspire all sorts of dread in me.

    • McDaddy: Paul Joseph is correct. After Pepe got labeled a nazi-symbol by Hillarys campaign, there increase of Nazi/Hitler-memes by 4chan has increased by 9000%.

    • Oh snap, copy that. The one line in that video that has the left trembling i believe, (and rattus too) is this: “You can’t be the majority, AND the counter culture”. Cause it’s true, and they know it.
      Berkeley university right now as the prime example, where liberal maxist professors have all the power and indoctrinate the students = they make up the majority. What’s the counter-culture or rebellion against that i wonder? That’s right, conservatism.
      And i’m not talking about old men in suits or (real) neonazis, i’m talking about simple common sense vs trigger warnings, safe-spaces and gender studies, or calling everyone outside of harlem “a racist with white privileges” and so on. The far-left is loosing, simply because they are fighting reality. That’s why you always see them screaming like lunatics in the streets, cause that is their whole argument: Pure insanity.

    • McDaddy: We are on the same page. After the last argument is lost, violence is the ultimate solution, which we are witnessing by the leftists at Berkeley now.

    • downwithlibtards April 29, 2017

      Mcdaddy, GREAT STUFF!!

  5. Jeannie also gets to call Greg a nazi, and punch him. If Graig defends himself, he loses a point.

    • Prince Leo April 28, 2017

      Commie, nazi, whatever left turd you mention goes to the same result

    • european stranger April 28, 2017

      Graig plays his victim role and has Jeannie killed after the show.

    • Jeannie automatically loses based on

    • Salzigtal; Argumentation logic/fallacies don’t compute with leftists. When they are triggered, the argumentation must be shut down by controlling freedom of speech. Like the MRA convention Big Red shut down a few years ago. Or Milo’s speech at Berkeley.

  6. Flossy McHookerpants April 28, 2017

    Came in for the butthurt, wasn’t disappointed.

    • Foreigner shelter seeker April 29, 2017

      Came in for american hate, wasn’t disappointed.

  7. This is BS!
    Anyone who says otherwise; me and my SJW friends wearing our Guy Fawks masks will come to your house, beat the hot stank’n poo out of you, rape your wife, beat your kids and kick your dog.

    • @SJW Anfac April 30, 2017

      You couldn’t stop before the rape… You had to make it all about YOU and your perversions.
      It’s called projecting.
      Of course you already lost credibility when you claimed to have “friends”.

  8. Pinto Carvalho April 30, 2017

    “I’ve got friends in safe spaces
    If you don’t come with us you must be racist”

  9. Phil LoGrande May 1, 2017

    you obviously have not been paying attention —LIBRALS LIVE BY TRUTH>>> republican’ts are raging lying *******

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