Facekinis: The Chinese Swimwear Trend That Refuses To Die

Facekinis may strike western observers as a weird and even creepy look but in China where it was introduced back in 2012, the face covering designed to protect the wearer from algae, sun and jellyfish stings is becoming ever more popular.

21 thoughts on “Facekinis: The Chinese Swimwear Trend That Refuses To Die”

  1. They’re all me in costume

  2. It’s like a weird luchadores convention.

  3. Cats > Haut Couture 2018

  4. You could rob a bank in one of these.

  5. Wearing a full face mask and a bikini is at cross purposes. But, I’ve seen it in other places – wearing a parka and shorts – sunglasses in cord around neck on a sunny, bright day – etc…

  6. Lol that honestly made me laugh

  7. No it didn’t. Too lame and fake. You have much to learn, faker boy.

  8. Seeing the post again it actually made me laugh, for real.
    Disregard any comment I may post in future wrt this, my hormones have been a roller coaster.

  9. I am going through menopause

  10. I live to eat eggs

  11. Well, I have the age. And it is said men get it too – a little bit.

  12. I’m totally into asian women.

  13. I eat liver

  14. We’re not into you

  15. I’m into you

  16. I seen sumpin like that at the Chinese all you can eat buffet.

  17. Chinese are ugly

  18. I feel so sorry for you don’t end up like hein
    Change things now

  19. Best defence against shark attacks

  20. Chinese eat well now.

  21. It’s actually to keep their skin white

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