How To Share Your Opinion On Facebook


12 thoughts on “How To Share Your Opinion On Facebook”

  1. Sorry, I don’t have a facebook.

  2. Well, that makes you a special little snowflake, doesn’t it?

  3. Zuckerberg must hate people like me. Maybe plans to kill us with future facebook drones.

  4. uh, who the hell uses facebook to share shit? (aside from lonely people)
    it’s only good to organize events that’s it.

  5. Social media is a huge career minefield. Much more risk than benefit.

  6. I do not “book” “faces.”
    I still laughed, though.

  7. Not having a facebook is so mainstream. Not having an ello is the thing these days.

  8. Step 1: log out
    Step 2: never log back in- nobody cares about your opinion

  9. If the service is free, what is the product being sold?

  10. ads – games with commercials and payable features

  11. Your life.

  12. Joe Bob got hit in the face with a book once. Well, he fell over drunk and hit book as he hit the floor. He gave up reading. Said there was to many people writing stuff he couldn’t understand.

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