Divine Intervention Pawn Stars Style

Divine intervention Pawn Stars style.

9 thoughts on “Divine Intervention Pawn Stars Style”

  1. The cloud looks more like Darwin.

  2. *lol* And I thought I was the only one. Maybe Darwin was God in disguise trolling all his followers. Mocking them about not accepting that evolution is a fact and nature doesn’t need stupid intelligent design to function.

  3. @Delphi
    Survival of the fittest with comic character advocating to circumvent that very tenant of Darwinism.

  4. Whaaaat?

  5. Me don’t get it neither.

  6. Bob thinks they are hungry for a reason and should not be fed. Most hunger, however, is caused by poor management of countries, not by biological causes.

  7. God doesn’t exist. There is no proof of this person anywhere. This deity is a ficticious character from bronze age literature about healthy lifestyle and social rules (both outdated).
    Darwin existed. There is plenty of proof for that. He was a hard working scientinst struggling with questioning his religious beliefs which he finaly overcame.
    So… it makes absolute sense the clouds show the face of Darwin.

  8. @Atheist Freedom Fighter: You are either a lying piece of crap or a monstrous hypocrite. Or perhaps both. You posted last week that you do not attack religions, you just defend atheism from attacks on atheism. Your words now have no meaning.

  9. That’s Leo Tolstoy

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