15 Ridiculous Paintings That Sold For Millions

13 thoughts on “15 Ridiculous Paintings That Sold For Millions”

  1. You peons know nothing about art. The Twombly was sold in 2015 for $70.5. And that wasn’t for the “painting”. The painting was only $20. The rest was for the signature.

  2. Do these guys (or guyetts for the sexual/socially aware) design clothes featured here in earlier submissions seen and loved by all on Eatliver?

  3. That Mark Rothko dude has some serious talent!

  4. Well $50.5 is not bad for a Twombly signature.

  5. All you need is someone to promote you and make a brand out of your name. Then you can sell any shit. The fools will buy it.

  6. Dumbass couldn’t even stay inside the lines

  7. A fool and his money..

  8. “You peons know nothing about art.”


    Another pretentious “you just dont get it” libtard.
    The emperor has no clothes you damn fool.

  9. Man you couldn’t have said it better

  10. Money washing

  11. looks like the sheep buy anything they are told

  12. True ❗️

  13. they buys this stupid stuff instead of helping people in poverty, these buyers are dumbasses

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