The Executive Coloring Book

This coloring book for grown-ups was published in 1961, but it’s still relevant and hilarious today. If you can find a copy of The Executive Coloring Book, get it!

This is me.

This is my suit.

This is my case.

This is my train.

This is my elevator.

This is my desk.

This is my phone.

This is my company's president.

This is my secretary.

This is my wife.

This is the product my company makes.

This is a nail.

This is my company's lunchroom.

This is my sales chart.

This is my pill.

This is my secret.

This is a customer.

This is my car.

This is my mink coat.

This is my signature.

2 thoughts on “The Executive Coloring Book”

  1. Is eatliver jealous, that some people enjoy different lifestyle, and it earns good. A job that is a bit robotic, but we need those robot gears to lead huge companies.
    Stop wanting iphones, cars and internet to exist, and you will not have the dreaded “executives”

  2. Filthy hippie.

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