Passengers From Hell: People You DO NOT Want Near You



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  1. PatronasKitty7 April 14, 2016

    Went on a plane recently… turns out you can bring an Emotional Support Turkey…

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob April 14, 2016

    #1 lesson to be learned from this set of pitchers (see I can spell it rite) is “Don’t take Public Transportation. be it by land or air.”

  3. US TOR exit Node wonk April 15, 2016

    I did not see one case of man spreading, but I did see a lot of fat people take some relief in their fatness.

  4. Very funny

  5. Italiano Medio April 15, 2016

    Personal space invaders.

  6. Guess most of these pictures were taken in the US of A or at least depict some of their finest. Yet they think the Russians are strange or even disgusting.

    • You’re an idiot.

    • JimJungleSir July 8, 2016

      Assumption makes an ass out of U and mption. And since there ain’t nobody named mption, that pretty much just leaves you.

  7. I would blow my top at some of these.

  8. Charles Schultz April 24, 2016

    It looks like taking a train may be more civilized than flying now.

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