Passengers From Hell: People You DO NOT Want Near You

12 thoughts on “Passengers From Hell: People You DO NOT Want Near You”

  1. Went on a plane recently… turns out you can bring an Emotional Support Turkey…

  2. #1 lesson to be learned from this set of pitchers (see I can spell it rite) is “Don’t take Public Transportation. be it by land or air.”

  3. I did not see one case of man spreading, but I did see a lot of fat people take some relief in their fatness.

  4. Very funny

  5. Personal space invaders.

  6. Guess most of these pictures were taken in the US of A or at least depict some of their finest. Yet they think the Russians are strange or even disgusting.

  7. You’re an idiot.

  8. I meant Emotional Support Pony*… sorry

  9. I would blow my top at some of these.

  10. It looks like taking a train may be more civilized than flying now.

  11. Assumption makes an ass out of U and mption. And since there ain’t nobody named mption, that pretty much just leaves you.

  12. Is there a problem with my Emotional Support Humpback Whales, Mr Spock?

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