Truth About Barney the Friendly Dinosaur



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  1. Soooo that means Barney is the pope?

  2. Someone had too much time on their hands . . .

  3. The argument is flawed. The parameter for the calculation algorithm should be CVTE PVRPLE AND GREEN DINOSAVR.

  4. hay, quick advice – 666 is actually not the number of beast (according to christian shizzle)

    • Actually 666 is the number of money and submission (government?). It is the sum of money (in golden talents) that Solomon received as tax per year.

  5. Religion be stupid

  6. so glad i found this meme again after 15 years

  7. I always hated him

  8. Whaaaaat it is better on Watt pages

  9. There is no reason for this to be based on Roman

  10. 666 is not religious it is scawy numberrrr

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