Is This a Correct Representation of Europe?



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  1. Definetly not it is

  2. Quels imbéciles June 15, 2017

    Did France surrender to Great Britain again?

  3. The Good German June 15, 2017

    Ingenious. On any level. Everyone will be offended by this. Everyone.

    • A Pollock or a Croat June 15, 2017

      right? basically, the only countries that weren’t offended were Croatia and Poland, which is kind of offensive if you think about it

    • @A Pollock and a Croat
      You are aware that polish is white on top and red at the bottem?
      The croatian flag has its red and white squares in its shield reversed.

    • @A Pollock and a Croat
      You sure that shouldn’t be “A Pollock and a Halibut”? Or “A Pollock and a Cod”?
      (Look it up, doofus.)

    • @A Pollock or a Croat: Poland’s upside down, we get triggerd by that largely

    • The best way to offend is to offend all, then sell ads on your ultra-controversial content, I would do this but I don’t have the time or energy..

  4. Why Belarus in colours of Russa, must be potatos. And why Russia in colours of LGBT?

    • Loutre Agile June 15, 2017

      this humour gone far away from you.

    • All russians are gay. That’s why we drink so much and are angry about other gay people. We are in constant denial.

  5. Not correct. You need to place the Lucky Charms leprechaun in Ireland.

  6. The Curious Rock June 15, 2017

    Whats that question mark?

  7. The Maltese will surely be upset by being left out entirely.

  8. Sweden looks legit to me.

  9. Fernando JR June 17, 2017

    The USA place is the England !!!

  10. Sven from the Yukon June 18, 2017

    Who are the two guys near Hungry? Looks like Wayne’s World?

  11. Why is Ukraine American? America sh*t on Ukraine.

  12. isn’t macedonia actualy correct?

  13. isn’t like what each country hates the most?

  14. Who Cares July 19, 2017

    What does Slovenia got to do with France? Am I missing something here?

  15. The Czar of Poland February 15, 2020

    Russians will love this one….

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