7 thoughts on “EU”

  1. I’d give it 2/12 stars personally.

  2. The only thing that flag is useful for is wiping my arse on!

  3. I know what you mean…it has a nice beat, and you can dance to it…
    …but they make you grow a beard and wear a dress.

  4. The great nations of Europe will be MUCH better without the (they HAD to experiment…now they can move on with the knowledge of experience) indifferent bureacratic nightmare of Brussels (but I’ll *still* order my pommes with mayo!).
    Ah, well. Live, learn and grow.
    Good luck Europa!

  5. What a shame it’s Eurabia now.

  6. I’d give it four. That is without considering that we could also have the Russian or US system instead or be part of the African Union. Consider this and it suddenly becomes even five or six stars.

  7. I like them euro skeptics complaining about Brussels bureaucracy and lack of freedom.. name one EU law that’s bad and should be abolished? Many of EU regulations would sooner or later find their way into national regulations anyway, EU is keeping things centralized and less bureaucratic than they would have been without it..

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