German Twitter Users Recreate Famous Paintings With Sandwiches

Recently German Twitter users have started to make sandwiches that look like paintings of famous artists and promoting their creations with a hashtag #KunstGeschichteAlsBrotbelag. The action was initiated by blogger Marie Sophie Hingst and other Twitter users happily took up the idea. Scroll down to see the funniest examples.

7 thoughts on “German Twitter Users Recreate Famous Paintings With Sandwiches”

  1. The last one is brilliant.

  2. I’d like to buy the burnt toast for £20 million…..

  3. None good reproductions or good sandwiches.

  4. First one could make a good grilled cheese.

  5. {@A Minimally Educated Man} Said the guy who never had any creative idea in his miserable life.

  6. WTF? Did noone teach them: Don’t play with food?

  7. Interesting. Not as much as cats. But still refreshing to look at.

    Cats > Food > Art

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