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  1. Not very clever.

  2. Very lame.
    People chose to eat too much, to smoke, and to drink to the point that it causes their death.
    Dying from Ebola is not the result of making a choice.
    Europe and other countries provide much more money to Hamas-controlled Gaza than to Ebola-stricken West Africa.
    Eurosocialists would rather help Jews die then help Africans live.
    That is what ‘s wrong with this picture.

  3. Percentage of people that will die – 100%.

  4. Can I use that?

  5. Pretty sure ebola is a choice. Don’t want ebola? Stop speaking and being near other people. Simple as that.

  6. U telling me how to spend my money?

  7. Smoking is an addiction- “choosing” to quit is actually very difficult. This is why education to stop (mostly young) people start smoking is extremely effective, which America spends very little on this education. High fat, high sugar, high carb food is addictive, when you sell it cheaper than fresh food (like in America), and the average person has very little income because of horridly low minimum wages (like in America), and there is very little spending on encouraging people to cook fresh food, it leads to lots of obesity. Poor people have very little choice when they don’t have time or money to cook so it leads to more poor US people being obese. Drinking is a choice, though again education and alcoholic support helps excessive drinking.
    Those in Gaza strip are in a prison, they are not allowed to leave, the whole strip is walled off. Israel does calorie control on all food imported, so that Palestinians there get slightly less than they need (means they always feel hungry, there just isn’t enough food). If I was in a situation like that I would probably try to escape, even if it meant joining a group like HAMAS. Israel killed over 2000 civilians this year alone.

  8. > Eurosocialists would rather help Jews die
    Germans have a long tradition for that.

  9. All the items listed are fun except for ebola!

  10. Dennis Miller,
    Be my guest, giving credit not required.

  11. Eurosocialist Not telling you how TO spend your money, telling you how you DO spend you money. Big difference.
    LogiC, Too many false statements to respond to. Typical left wing nut job, repeating the America is to blame chant, avoids dealing with the failures of your preferred socialistic nanny state programs. But I’ll try.
    First you bitch because the State doesn’t give enough of other peoples money to the needy, then you bitch about the choices the needy make in spending the money given them.
    Just how much money do you think the State should take and spend on educating people to not smoke or to stop smoking? How do you feel about the State approving the smoking of non tobacco products? You ok with that? Are you opposed to funding the “War on Drugs”?
    “Drinking is a choice, though again education and alcoholic support helps excessive drinking.” By all means then, lets cut the spending on education about drinking! Had a “few” when you wrote that?
    How much should the mim, wage be? Is $50 an hour enough? More? Less? Why? What skill set does a person earning $50 an hour have that those who currently earn less do not have?
    Gaza. Has it ever entered your mind that the “walls” are there to keep the murderers of Hamas from entering Israel to kill? Do you believe the Hamas tunnels into Israel are there to access food and RX in Israel? Really?
    Old saying, “good fences make for good neighbors” is still true.
    Don’t fear the reaper , yes and 100% of the people who have eaten a carrot will die. Should carrots be banned? Like you said, 100% of humans will die, regardless of what the nanny State claims they are doing to prevent same.

  12. Death from obesity, smoking, and alcoholism are from weakness of character, and making poor choices. Ebola results many times, in death, as the result of a viral infection, in this case, spread by Africans who have little regard for hygiene, modern medicine, or other people who don’t want to be infected. Recall if you will, how 8 or so health workers were murdered by superstitious Africans, and dumped in a latrine, because they believed that the health workers were causing the disease. Easy it is, to portray the ugly American (curiously white, in this case) who is smoking while eating, supposedly obese, and of course drinking a beer. All the while, frantic about Ebola. If anyone should be worried, it should because King Obongo allows unrestricted immigration to this country, even getting his CDC chief to parrot the plan, in the face of a very deadly disease ( The Black Death only killed a quarter of its victims, Ebola 60%) that has, as a result of his idiot policy, shown up here. I take from the cartoon, that we are all somehow guilty of neglecting our health anyway, and should just shut up about any fears we might have. The progressives love it if we shut up and listen to them instead. And, let’s have another round of golf, by golly!

  13. No they don’t chose to eat too much. Or at least they underestimate the consequences.

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