How to Properly Advertise Your Sweaters on eBay


This is Deb, she sells quality sweaters on eBay while looking like being held hostage against her will.


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  1. Those sweaters are so ugly, that poor skinny santa hung himself!

  2. as a crafter myself i hate to bash her work, but the only one that’s halfway decent is the first one.

    • tbh, she does call them “Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater” in her account, so it’s not like she pretends they are made to be decent.

  3. After that one picture with the pregnant sweater, I now assume all these are pregger sweaters, and just the perspective makes us think they are normal (and ugly)

  4. I would buy one with her face printed.

  5. I bet you any money this woman is Australian.

  6. Arnold Horshack September 28, 2014

    The thing is, she was probably a hot dish about 20 years ago. My take is, she is an X FORTRAN programmer who now is a stay at home mom who home schools.
    But I could be reading to much into that.

  7. I’m guessing she’s still tripping from the christmas treats laced with acid in 1963.

  8. Ugly Christmas sweaters are extemely popular sadly enough

  9. The drugs have kicked in.

  10. Just as the camera takes the picture she suddenly finds the one pin she forgot to remove.
    The hard way…

  11. Ethan greene February 10, 2015

    Goodness, get a model

  12. PatronasKitty7 October 7, 2015

    Those sweaters are ridikkulus. (puns)

  13. 2 words folks…. CRYSTAL METH……. :-)

  14. So much meth she forgot to wear pants.

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