E3 vs. Reality



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  1. The Lone Wonderer July 5, 2017

    Hey, that looks just like the hamburger adverts at McDonalds and BurgerKing!

  2. Like the difference between a president and Trump.

    • Dis-n-Dat? Shut up about the Pres. You have no better solution to any problem. You want more of the same old management? They have done so well by us thus far, right? Be very careful who and what you are advocating. The T-rump was elected because the taxpayers are sick of the corrupt same-old politicians. Anything was preferable to Clinton and her right arm Huma Abedin. Her crimes fill pages. 8+ months turning the woods upside down trying to find the big Trump scandal. It aint there. Shut. Up. Your time is through.

    • 1.You don’t have to tell me to shut up. What happened to free speech? Only allowed if it praises Trump?
      2. I’m not advocating anyone. Yet it seems you couldn’t have done worse.
      3. Because you are sick of corruption you vote for a corruptious building tycoon who molests women, is accused of domestic violence, doesn’t disclose his finances, has no clue about international politics at all, doesn’t read and thinks the office of president is something like “king”. Yeah, must be some kind of american logic.
      4. Trump has more than one scandal
      4.1 before office
      4.2 in office
      Now crawl back into the swamp from whence you came.

    • I thought Trump was an obnoxious blowhard until I started reading Dat’s comments.

  3. Russel Sprout July 5, 2017

    I’ve just had my tea, but that’s just made me hungry again… :-(

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