Signs That Humanity Is Getting Dumber

30 thoughts on “Signs That Humanity Is Getting Dumber”

  1. Haha. It’s funny and redundant. Same thing as “Caution, Islam kills” sign.

  2. Good to know “They” are keeping us safe!

  3. first world signs. but actually some of these make sense. when a person is used to do one and the same thing automatically hundreds of times, he may not notice that something is wrong, it takes a special and unusual visual cue to disrupt the automated and potentially deadly behaviour.

  4. Most of them are from US. So it’s not humanity that’s getting dumber, just Americans.

  5. LOL, these signs were made for you.

  6. This has little to do with intelligence (or lack thereof) and everything to do with litigation. Business owners, manufacturers, etc. need to protect themselves from greedy lawyers and their money grubbing clients.

  7. @Prince Leo: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  8. How come no one is yet triggered by the “Red man, green man” sign? It’s completely excluding attack helicopters and other genders.

  9. “Signs That Humanity Is Getting Dumber”
    Not Humanity, but Americans. You don’t see those signs in countries outside the USA.

  10. Clearly, all in the US. That explains the non-Roman alphabet on the posters in the background in pic 8, the UK license plates in pic 13,and the British pound monetary symbol on the price tag in pic 17. Hmm. Maybe what the pics actually have in common is that they have signs in them written in English, which would sort of line up with this being a primarily English-language website.

  11. That means americans are getting dumb intentially.

  12. BBJ, as someone who was spawned from an English family, my experience has been that Brits are preternaturally incapable of recognizing flaws (stupidity, rudeness, bad television shows, et al) within their own culture.

  13. In these days of Photoshop, I’d be surprised if half of those signs are even real.

  14. I had to take a pic of the sign above the urinal at an orchid farm west of Hilo, Hawaii that the water was filtered but not treated and “Not suitable for drinking” but it was “For hand washing only”
    If I could post the pic I certainly would.

  15. It’s the lawyers.

  16. Geez guys you don’t have to reach that far for proof people are stupid just showing kauf and regressiveleftist posts will prove your point

  17. Reminds me of the movie “Idiocracy”.

  18. Such a shame for those with red-green colour blindness.

  19. Gobsmacked scientist must be an Ivy League Democratic graduate to come to that brilliant (?) conclusion…

  20. The English signs in China can be very funny. It would be so easy to have someone proof read them first, but no one bothers.

  21. Obviously written by a twenty-something liberal – who doesn’t know the first thing about personal responsibility – and thinks the “administrators” are responsible. In other words someone ELSE is responsible for your STUPID actions.

  22. We must start culling at once.

  23. This is offensive.

  24. My friend litigated for a woman who stepped into an elevator when the door opened and she fell four stories. Permanently paralyzed, she won 6 million – bottom line, the business has an obligation that if the door opens, the floor of the elevator will be there. If it’s not there, it shouldn’t open. If you think the sign is stupid, you’ve never left work exhausted and stumbling home on automatic.

  25. If we “Americans” ( North, South, Central? ) AREN’T getting dumber, it’s certainly not for lack of trying! :D

  26. Hi Keither I was laughing my head off as I scrolled down these pictures. And then I came to your comment and fell of my chair, my sides are still hurting. Have a great day.

  27. No not dumber just more inclined to use the lenient product liability standards in the US. A very long time ago there was a threatened lawsuit against a typewriter company. This was an old style machine design similar to any number in use since the late 1800’s. It had a carriage that moved when typing and you actually had to use a lever to return it to the beginning of the next line to continue typing. Someone was really dumb and put their head right there next to the typewriter and when the typist hit the return the platen knob hit the moron right in the forhead and put a nice big bruise there. Moron decided to file a claim for workman’s comp and was also told to sue because the manufacturers should have warned people that the carriage moved to the right with enough force to injure you. If you are stupid enough to put your head right next to it that is. Luckily back in the early 70’s judges were not as likely to allow really stupid lawsuits to proceed.

  28. Amy – What the eff was offensive?

  29. The truth often is very offensive to the intellectually unprivileged!

  30. Obvious in this lawsuit happy country, all doubt must be removed lest someone win with another twinkie defense.

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