4 thoughts on “Dumb Animals”

  1. If my taco is not built to perfection within 4.62 minutes of my payment transaction, fast food employees will suffer my wrath. And don’t scrimp on the sour cream! I am very important and cannot be forced to wait for my sustenance! Yes, I demand absolute perfection from all of you minimum wage slaves!

  2. One of the symptoms of the Irukandji jellyfish sting (a type of box jellyfish, of course in Australia), is pain so great the stung have the feeling of inevitable death, such that one afflicted may beg to be killed because they know they are going to die anyway. While not actually inevitable, the pain is so great that a large enough sting can kill from shock. I think that is slightly more than an “irritable sting”.

  3. I’ll tell you what irritates me: it’s fast food, and they insist on using “fat free sour cream.” Do I look like I care about my weight? Give me the good stuff and stop trying to make unhealthy food healthy!

  4. despite not having ‘eyes’ jellyfish can see colors, they are almost 100% nervous tissue making them ALL brain instead of none and some types are almost immortal, being able to grow to old age then revert back to childhood and repeat the process all over again as many times as they can (before being eaten, squashed or otherwise killed)
    i love jellyfish *sulks*

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