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  1. Real dreary area

  2. Ratting is worse than dealing drugs

  3. One would think that drug dealers would not fall for this idea, but… The use of mind altering drugs leads to unsound decisions. I learned that on You Tube, so it must be true.

  4. Negative Nelly February 19, 2018

    Or is this how Mexican-style cartels that band together to overwhelm law enforcement all started in the US?

    • Negative Nelly February 19, 2018

      And just to beat the trolls to the punch, I’ll call myself a socialist libtard.

      But, how about a rational, evidence-based policy of decriminilaztion and better addiction treatment like the one took Switzerland from a higher rate of opioid deaths to no opioid deaths in the last 12 years? Just saying…

    • Because Switzerland has a border with Mexico, of course.

    • Negative Nelly February 21, 2018

      Whenever there is demand for a black-market item there will be suppliers. If you decriminalize the item then there is no more black-market. And then you can address the underlying addiction issue.

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