People In Medieval Art Who Just Don’t Care About Getting Stabbed


Medieval manuscripts and paintings were loaded with murderous illustrations, however for some strange reason many people look as if they were bored with life anyway and their killer did them a service. Scroll down to see funny examples of medieval art where people are getting stabbed but just don’t care at all.

He just doesn't care about getting stabbed.

He's totally ok with getting murdered.

He doesn't mind at all.

Getting killed is no big deal for him.

Getting stabbed is no biggie for him.

They don't mind getting killed at all.

Getting killed is no big deal for them.

Getting stabbed is no problem for her.

Getting stabbed is almost boring for her.

He doesn't mind being stabbed.

Getting murdered is fine by him.

They don't mind being stabbed.

He doesn't mind being killed at all.

Getting murdered is no big deal for him.

He doesn't mind being stabbed.

Having a knife in his head is no big deal for him.


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  1. These are my people…

  2. Reminds me of london 2018

  3. Sejanus, captain of the Enterprise November 25, 2018

    I feel the sudden inexplicable urge to see if “I, Claudiusis” available on Prime.

  4. Europe without guns. A “stands alone” comment.

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