German TV Show Have Replaced Trump With The Baby Blimp And It’s Perfect

23 thoughts on “German TV Show Have Replaced Trump With The Baby Blimp And It’s Perfect”

  1. But please, don’t stop defending us against the outside world. I beg you.

  2. We are friends with the United States and it’s people, not with Trump. He doesn’t represent you. The only thing he represents are his business interests.

  3. You are mocking a democratically elected POTUS who officially represents American people. You’re not even close of being friendly to American people. And to make it even worse, you’re also taking money from that same people who elected him, just to use in the defense of your Germany country. It’s one hypocrisy after other.

  4. Your election system is flawed. That’s how he became president when the majority didn’t vote for him. It’s actually a joke. No matter what your citizens vote, you’ll just have to buy the ellectors to win. The votes of the people count nothing. You have no real, working democracy for 21st century. And that’s sad.
    Oh, and by the way. The U.S. are leading in debts worldwide with around 21,171,000,000,000 Dollars.
    The U.S., government and private sector, owe around 300 Billion Euros to Germany alone.
    You, as an American citizen owe me 58,000 Dollars. – And a kiss on my butt for enduring your “PussygrabberOfTheUnitedStates” on this planet Earth.
    Have a nice day on our costs, leeches.

  5. Go away Hillary, you let Trump win.

  6. @GermanMachine
    Thank you dear sir, i really enjoyed my reading

  7. @German Machine Gun I doubt he’ll get that. His brain is not made to process real information. It only can recieve orders by his POTUS. “Pussygrabber Of The United States”, this is gold. Thank you very, very much.

  8. Show me one german who says that….

  9. @GMG you have no rights to claim USA did not elect democratically POTUS when USA claims otherwise and the world recognized it. You are disrespecting an elected POTUS on official business in Europe.
    WRT “owing” you money, you may not understand how investment works. If you put 1 euro in your bank account, your bank “owes” you 1 euro. Depepending of the type of account, you’ll get interest for the time your money is there. The debt you mentioned is nothing more than your country depositing money in US to get interest out of it. If USA stops paying you the interest, you can claim we owe you something, if you try to get your money back and USA doesn’t give it to you, you can claim we owe you. But if your country willfully leaves your money invested, we owe you nothing but the interest we’ve been paying in full.
    OTOH if you have someone doing a service for you, like mowing your grass, having your hair cut or protecting your country, you owe money for the service. Got it?

  10. Well, they got the size of the balloon right.

  11. You are not doing any of those things right now. No service. So, why should we pay? Your president defriended us. Looks more like your president is befriending your and our enemy and is selling you down the river to Putin.

  12. Proof that Trump’s ego is inflatable.

  13. What’s so funny about some pictures of Trump on his UK visit?

  14. Then ask for your ma’am Chancellor to defend German interests. It’s not Trump’s role to do that. But regardless, US media wouldn’t ever offend the head of your country when in official visit.
    And US *is* defending your country. Just count how many bases and US soldiers are right now within Germany and in its close neighbors, ready to act if required. Do you think, e.g. when a security guard is hired by a bank they pay only when a robbery happens?

  15. @AA, if Trump is the official representative of the USA, you should sack him for doing a very poor job.

  16. True. There are only two basic reactions worldwide to Trump. Disgust or ridicule.

  17. @William German press is free to criticize him and come up with facts to back their allegations. Just don’t call replacing him with ballon “a friend act” nor “criticizing based on facts”.

    @Dat yeah, we got you don’t like Trump. Just don’t assume everybody else doesn’t too, or you haven’t seen the spontaneous demonstration pro Trump day after the ballon?

  18. @AA Are you aware that ‘Heute show’ is a late night satirical news show? The regular press had a field day with Trump slagging off Merkel in front of the cameras and with his interferences in the UK’s national policy.

  19. @William no, I was not aware. In this case it’s not that bad.
    But it’s still hypocrisy to get mad for Trump to push higher contribution to NATO when Germany depends a lot more than USA of it.

  20. @AA We are not getting mad with Trump about spending more on the military (which is not the same as a higher contribution to NATO, which for the US is 22% rather than the high numbers Trump keeps mentioning). In fact, the investment promises Trump claims credit for were already agreed on several years back as targets. Trump claims to be an excellent deal maker, but he proves time and again that he has no clue whatsoever on what it takes to make a deal.

  21. Please ignore comments from Trump supporters (cultists). They suffer from “Pathological Belief” syndrome and self-delusion. They want America to be like 1930’s Germany because they worship Trump as the want-to-be dictator he is.

  22. Trump as POTUS MORE LIKE POOP****

    Fictional disclaimer : these are the actually baby photos of mister trump
    know wonder his hair is fake and his wife is a golddigger

  23. yeeeeeeeeet true af. family friendly af = and fun

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