Photo of Donald Trump Helping The Poor



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  1. Looks about the same picture as the one showing Obama helping the USA.

    • Kauf buch May 1, 2017

      Or Hillary, Fauxcohontas or the rest of the Dems helping Americans.

    • Troubleman May 2, 2017

      Lol you are funny because you walk your eyes closed.

    • Sorry, Chuckles. That’d be a picture of Bin Laden with a round through his eye.

  2. Dick Tator of Bernezwailia May 1, 2017

    Nicolás Maduro, friend of the poor, comrade of Sean Penn, hero of the people concurs.

  3. Prince Leo May 1, 2017

    Government is not there to help the poor. The best government can do is not getting in the way.
    Jobs help poor, and entrepreneurs create jobs.
    Only a libtard would think government produces wealth.

    • Just Sayin' May 2, 2017

      @Prince Leo: Trump is not the government. What he is is a immature, selfish, self-centered 70-yr old man child who has never been told “No!” in his whole life, and who has been a multimillionaire or billionaire for more than four decades, yet has never made any effort to help those less fortunate.

    • Prince Leo May 2, 2017

      Just count how many employees his companies have, that’s the amount of people having income and not going on poverty. Most billionaires in USA have thousands of middle class workers on their business, and that’s the real help.
      Enterpreneurs help the country a lot more than hipster libtards that complain about capitalism.

    • Just Sayin' May 2, 2017

      @Prince Leo: Trump is not a king. A job is not a gift. And the value an employer gets from their employees will ALWAYS be greater that the salary paid them. 1%rs like Trump are parasites who will feed off society & contribute nothing. Most of them realize this and pick a charity to work with, or even start their own to help people. But not Trump. He’s just a pig.

    • I prefer to count the tradespeople and singers he hired and then refused to pay after they did the job, as well as the undocumented immigrants he hired at substantially lower wages than an American citizen would have legally required to work at his overpriced club.

      The fact that you, Leo, admire such scoundrels says much about your character, or lack thereof.

    • Prince Leo May 2, 2017

      @Rattus don’t worry, he’s building a wall to solve the undocumented workers problem.

    • Prince Leo May 2, 2017

      @Just Sayin not sure if you’re really dumb or just pretending. *Of course* the employer will always get more than the salary their pay, how would it work otherwise? Only dumb libtards would even mention that.

    • Leo, you half-wit, the wall will not happen because Trump and his ilk rely upon undocumented workers to man their various operations. While Trump is undoubtedly a racist, his greed “trumps” his bigotry and the wall was merely bait put out to snare his equally dim and bigoted fan-base who would otherwise be too busy huntin’ and fishin’ and drinkin’ and wife beatin’ to get out and vote.

    • The Poor May 2, 2017

      Actually a government is there to help the poor. Except your country is still in the 1800s.
      Oh, my mistake. USA are back 200 years, right… Ok, you got a point – geographicaly.

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      @The Poor go get a job and leave tax payers alone!! Indeed, become a tax payer.

    • Salzigtal May 3, 2017

      Tell that to all the DARPA vendors & off-shoots.

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      Government is a burden, it’s incapable of create any wealth. It just wastes.
      Private companies create jobs, they’re the ones which “help” poors.

      Yeah!!! We should get rid of those pesky 1%ers!
      Burn all the books and crucify Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates!!! And especially Elon Musk!
      All that money that could be spent on welfare is spent on meaningless pursuit of space travel and pays 5%ers (kek R.Piana) like those engineers!
      Yeah! People rule!
      And after that we make humanity progress with Progressive Politically Correct Feminism probe to Mars.
      And elect any child who wishes a president. Everyone shall be presidents! Actually we will elect those who will not be presidents.
      And then we will issue mandatory islam teachings, so our friends can assimilate better. Stoning will be allowed only ceremonially (we will make them use tennis balls).

    • name calling=Deplorable

    • Really? The only purpose of a Government is to redistribute wealth. Entrepreneurs have never produced a single job, it is only consumers and communities that do that. If the world was left to entrepreneurs we would end up with an horribly biased system where the poor had no health care, minority groups were banned from entry, people were jailed or shot because of the colour of their skin, the rule of law would support one religious group and skin colour over others … hang on – that IS the USofA

  4. I’m starting to believe this site is sponsored by Soros. Divide and conquer.

    • Reluctant Consumer May 2, 2017

      It’s clickbait. eatliver wants the hits.

  5. Flossy McHookerpants May 1, 2017

    Edgy and spicy!

  6. Lol doesn’t that homeless lady who squatted on Trump property live in Trump Tower free of charge for life now?

  7. This administration will help the needy, not the greedy. Get your able-bodied asses off of welfare and get jobs! No more free ride for lazy people! There are help wanted signs out there, find them and join the workforce or starve because you can’t pass the welfare drug test. Doesn’t matter to me. I would love to see some of you entitled dorks make it in the real world. I’m just waiting for the welfare riots here. Hope you like buckshot, or whatever I’m loading that day. The world owes you nothing!

    • Hell Toupee May 2, 2017

      I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy…

    • Prince Leo May 2, 2017

      Welfare for the poor and welfare for the rich (government helping them to not break): they’re both a curse.

    • The Poor May 2, 2017

      What jobs? Did Trump make jobs out of thin air. Help us find them.

    • Prince Leo May 3, 2017

      @The Poor go find a job, commie!

    • @the poor- If you can’t find a job, it’s because you aren’t looking, or maybe you are waiting for someone to hand you one. Or maybe you are above manual labor or unfit for customer service with your neck tattoos and face piercings. I’ve heard worthless thugs say, “I don’t want no job, but a career, maybe.” As if they can enter the workforce at the top of the heap. Be realistic. Even out here in the midwest, where civilization is sparse, those who seek to earn their living can find work. What excuse are you using? “I looked for a job one day last year. There wasn’t any.” You may not find the job you want, but if you are serious, you can find work.

    • @Hell toupee: So I am naive for being angry at career welfare cheaters? There are generations of them in America. It is unhealthy and unsustainable to live off of the hard work of others. Who has to pay for all that food and housing? And medical expense? You want to sell me the Brooklyn bridge? You have already bought into something more worthless than a phony bridge deed, friend.

    • In old Soviet Union there was no unemployment. If you have no job, apparatchik give you broom and you now street sweeper. If you not show up to work you are thrown in jail. Too many times, you disappear to Gulag. Is simple.

  8. I hate modern art. Having to read the title just to understand the artist.

  9. Edweirdo May 2, 2017

    I’m sure if you weren’t using Internet Explorer, the picture would have come through fine.

  10. Libtard logic:
    Hurr durr – Trump is a billionaire and never helped anyone.
    But Steve Jobs, who hasn’t spent a cent – he is a libtard hipster saint.

    • Translation: “Nobody ever called Steve Jobs a hipster saint. Not even those who know of the philanthropy he conducted through Apple. But I had nothing else to say, so, uh, herpa-derp.”
      Way to grab ’em by the logics, Champ.

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