The Funniest Anti-Trump Signs

These people are convinced that Trump’s presidency is a horrible mistake and are not afraid to tell it to the world via funny DIY signs.

All in all...

He hates Trump more than he hates crowds.

Better out than in.

We shall over-comb!

Tiny sign for a tiny man.

Trump lacks depth and warmth.

Hilarious anti-Trump signs.

You suck at golf!

Does Trump make my country look small?

Melania, blink twice if you need help!

Litter and dog waste.

The only baby that should be caged.

Tinkle tinkle little czar...

Trump's science advisor.

We're not Putin up with this!

He took a day off...

Trump's alternative facts.

A swamp creature will never drain the swamp.

Trump never says true things.

Less of a baby than Trump.

31 thoughts on “The Funniest Anti-Trump Signs”

  1. Yellow man bad.

    Regards, NPC#234159

  2. Orange man worse.

  3. Putin is laughing his ass off. All those years in the cold war when Russia tried to find ways to destroy America and all they had to do was wait and the US president would do it for them.

  4. That’s funny because the US is far from destroyed. Plus, presidents are only around for 4 to 8 years max. Then it’s the other team’s turn to govern poorly and waste our money.

  5. Interesting these pics are all from Britain. They hate trump and are celebrated for it but voted for exiting the EU and are condemned for that. Fickle.

  6. This will be interesting

  7. “Protect our ability to do something illegal.” Seriously??

  8. Agreed, the bush regimes, followed by the klinton and 0bama regimes, have done more to destroy the American way of life and bring the country closer to a socialist dictatorship than Russia could ever afford. Putin is also laughing at the antifascist fascists who fool themselves into thinking they fight fascism when they do the exact same things fascists throughout history have done. Trump has put a wrench in the global fascist machine, and the useful idiots are going insane over it with tds and all else.

    Trump 2020!

  9. Who cares what the people who are being replaced think? It’s laughable. D

  10. Funny USA, first they choose him, then THAT. Democracy. These people on the pictures does not realize they are minority?

  11. British Brexiteers are pro Trump. No surprise. They are as well payed by Putin for their services.

  12. They are not a minority — a vast majority of Europeans has no confidence at all in Trump.

  13. Hahahahahaha, you’re so funny. Everyone not adhering to your agenda is either Russian, a paid Russian agent or fascists. Did I leave anyone else out?

    BTW, the Clinton foundation took more in payments from foreign governments and foreign citizens than either of us will make in our entire lifetimes. Several times over.

  14. Only to be dwarfed by Trump.

  15. @Haha If the Clinton foundation did anything illegal, then why are they not being sued? Or is there no proof, while proofs pop up everywhere for illegal actions by the Trump foundation?

  16. Only Leftists think that and the only good Leftist is a dead one.

  17. Stupid people, stupid people everywhere…

  18. Hm, last time I checked, there was another Bush in between Clinton and Obama. Clinton and Obama had to spend most of their time to make good what their predecessors screwed up but there may be not enough left to make good after Dumbzilla had his ways. Screwed up thing is that even american democrats are not smart enough to know what’s best for them, so they will not nominate the right person to counter that man. Again. That shithole of a country is doomed.

  19. Replaced by what? More Putin bots?

  20. Typical rightard double standard. “Because things must be as I want them to be. I don’t need proof, I have an OPINION!” So sad.

  21. Make that Putin 2020. Trump is just a puppet.

  22. And that’s why the Trump foundation got shut down. The clintons are both lawyers and very good at covering their tracks (It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.). Remember after all the work by the govt the only crime Capone was convicted of was stupidly carrying a gun, contempt of court and tax evasion.

  23. HAHAHAHAHA! Conspiracy nut. Because Trump got caught and the Clintons didn’t Trump is still not as guilty as the Clintons who obviously did nothing wrong. But because there is no proof the Clintons did something wrong it MUST be a conspiracy.
    Maybe Trump is just a crook and the Clintons are indeed good lawyers and follow the rules by the book.
    I think I ripped my right lung from laughing about this… We can’t take you serious anymore, Haha. Your reputation is destroyed.

  24. Like I said, the Clintons are good at covering their tracks. Do you really believe they knew nothing about what their whitewater partners were doing? What was in papers independent counsel subpoenaed from Clintons law firm billing records but which disappeared only to be found in the Clintons possession much later? That FBI files, including files on Republicans, made their way into their possession? You think all those hundreds of millions of dollars sent to the Clinton foundation weren’t trying to curry favor with who they though was certain to be the next president after Obama?

    Hahaha, how naive to believe they had no knowledge of any of those events. And those are only the events where Billy managed to keep his pants on.

  25. BTW, don’t think for a second the Clintons didn’t know that their email server at home was wrong, that only handing over those emails they selected as being important and then physically destroying devices to make them unrecoverable. Just because the govt didn’t prosecute certainly doesn’t make it right.

  26. There is no proof thus the accused is guilty.

  27. Let BarrabasTrump go!

  28. So the Clintons can cover their tracks, besides their busy daytime program, but the full-time lawyers employed by Trump can not?

  29. You exaggerate, Trump is too dumb serve as a puppet.

  30. … too dumb to serve

  31. Absolutely !!!

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