Dogs That Think You Should Share

11 thoughts on “Dogs That Think You Should Share”

  1. Canines are droll, says I…

  2. Sheesh who lets their dog get that near the table?

  3. Yeah, they want to eat everything you eat and when they do they vomit on the carpet.

  4. dirty people that’s who

  5. Says who, now?

  6. More like everyone.

  7. Mine don’t vomit at all.

  8. Soooo cute! Now, if they meow instead of woof, it will be perfect.

  9. Our dogs eat what they catch. Sometimes it aint real purdy, especially the skunks.

  10. Why, cuz then you could kick them out of the house forever?

  11. Purdy is one thing. Stanky is another! Skunks??!!!
    My dog did that once. Once – he learned. Kinda.

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