Dogs Don’t Give a Damn About Your Personal Space

11 thoughts on “Dogs Don’t Give a Damn About Your Personal Space”

  1. Whatsa matter with these people? Dogs are OUTSIDE animals. Ya only let a dog inside to bite a burglar or crazy Uncle Filbert. when he won’t leave.

  2. Try to use “doors”.

  3. As in “outdoors”?

  4. I smell CAT people!!!

  5. Mohammedans are not amused.

  6. These people dont have door for toilet?

  7. Dogs sit on heads/faces to show dominance. I’ll just leave it at that.

  8. I think dogs are just busy bodies; if you’re not paying attention to your dog he wants to know why and will investigate the reason for your inattention. Or he might just want to share whatever it is that you are doing.

  9. Nnnnno they don’t.

  10. Right….dogs only do what their asinine masters let them do…..

  11. Just remember – dogs sniff each others butts.
    Human stink doesn’t bother them, so close the door!

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