People Misspelling “Doughnuts” As “Dognuts” Will Never Get Old

11 thoughts on “People Misspelling “Doughnuts” As “Dognuts” Will Never Get Old”

  1. *boring*

  2. Hey Homer, lighten up and have some dognut wholes. The glazed type are best. I usually start my day with 6 or half-a-dozen.

  3. Are we going to ignore ‘self of steam’? 😁

  4. For signs with changeable letters, “houndguts” work perfectly.

  5. Ryan’s low self of steam probably goes deeper than just a dognut.

  6. The internet police need to round these people up, put them in a field, and bomb the bastards.

  7. For all intensive purposes, yes, we’ll tow the line and ignore it in one fowl swoop. Just leave things in tact. You must of taken it for granite that you’ve honed in on something that’s a shoe-in, but the point is mute. While your question has peaked my interest, I wouldn’t wait with baited breath persay. You’ve got free reign, so just make due! Relax and have an expresso. It’s chalk full of caffeine and will tie you over while you regain piece of mind. (Irregardless, if you’re literally put through the ringer and worse comes to worse, you could complain to the site owner and I, but we could care less.)

  8. That was grate. Kujos!!

  9. “shuving dognuts in my mowth #NafNalDognutsDay”

    I think that was a joke. NafNal is spelt Nafional.

  10. I don’t think it was a joke. I think it was someone with a mouth full of dog nuts.

  11. My thoughts exactly

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