Do You Have a Bad Case of Pareidolia? Are You Seeing Funny Faces Everywhere?

21 thoughts on “Do You Have a Bad Case of Pareidolia? Are You Seeing Funny Faces Everywhere?”


  2. Why is there a picture of Trump as first one?

  3. I don’t think it would be wise to comment that on the internet

  4. How dare you insulting that box and trash can.

  5. 😀 That the first thing I saw as well. Except it’s a little too cute and friendly and it contains less fast food.

  6. I don’t know what that parry O dolly stuff is, but I see a lot of faces in these pictures.

  7. Lol

  8. You might have Eatlivcommentafobia. Irrational fear of posting a comment on Eatliver that might enrage people into a shitstorm, centered on you.

    Spending time with – and talking to cats – is known to have cured a lot of people.

    Try it out.

    Besides, internet shitstorms only exists in headlines. They are not really storms made out of shit. Clickbaits on the other hand. Nasty critters.

    Cats > Psychiatrists

  9. Woof woof

  10. Rattus is more quiet today.
    He was quite agitated on the past few days, saying stuff that didn’t make sense at all.
    What’s up with that?

  11. The one with the twine deserves all the stars for going the extra kilometer and trimming the end into the little hand.

  12. You mean fake Trump?
    This one looks too smart to be the real Trump

  13. If it’s a woman probably on her period
    If it’s a guy probably andropausing

  14. It’s not one it’s several

  15. He has several personalities?

  16. Their eyes – they follow me about the room

  17. I found out it’s not President Trump. That guy there lives on the street and his name is Donald Dump. He’s a niceguy. Has a rat at a pet and doesn’t grab women. Quite a resemblance though.

  18. I enjoy pareidolia , free entertainment

  19. i dont have Pareidolia but i have a gift from my grandma that allows me to see faces in inanimate objects. it can be kinda scary though,the faces.

  20. yep, it’s wierd. i go by many names including giftedgirl.

  21. Rope flipping you off!

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