Do It!

12 thoughts on “Do It!”

  1. meh..

  2. Yeah. Ameriball is not wearing a toupet.

  3. Or a gun.

  4. Hi Dat. The stars could represent hair-plugs or grommets and the stripes are the comb-over pulled to one side. But I don’t think that’s what Betsy Ross had in mind as she was weaving.

  5. Two in a row… Just can’t keep from going political. Bah to you! Humbug!!

  6. Perhaps you Dumb-Asses need to recoginize for what it is.

  7. Let’s start a petition to conscript Dat.

  8. Too bad I am on the good side.

  9. I remember a few years ago North Korea started talking about developing long range missiles and nuclear weapons and destroying America.

    Your last president said loads of warm cuddly stuff and promised free cuddles for all.

    You’re now about to lose Guam in a puff of smoke – and finally you get a patriotic president who’s only intention is to put America first and defend the nation – and you are still moaning like a bunch of hippies.

    I’m not smug about it though, I’m British and it feels like most days half my country would rather be Belgian.

    When did it become so socially acceptable to be a coward and a traitor?

  10. Well said……

  11. Is it cowardly to be kind to someone deranged? North Korea might have working cow shit missiles, but their nuclear warheads are a joke. The missiles more likely explode on the ramp and the warheads plunge into the ocean.

  12. @TheWorld
    “nuclear warheads are a joke”
    Are you patronizing us? What do you know about life, you internet nobody?
    Have you ever even shot from a weapon?
    99% of people have no clue what war, weapons and destruction really is.
    North Korea missiles ARE a joke to USA. They are very dangerous to South Korea, but not USA. That is the only boiling point for now in reality.
    MOABs and thermobaric weapons are pretty much just as destructive, yet you didn’t write fatherly comments online when those were dropped by usa and russia. So what what do you really stand for there, Mr “protector” of non-joke-sitations?

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