Dirty Car Art


Featured below are some of the best works by Russian artist Nikita Golubev who uses dirty cars as canvas for his paintings.


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  1. Very very cool!

  2. Scratched Clear Coat June 21, 2017

    Pool Boy Nick needs to change his name.

    • It’s PRO Boy Nick. Scratched Clear Coat needs to check what he types.

    • Think before you speak June 21, 2017

      It was word play dumb a**

    • In Russian that means something very different. And yeah look at the country on all the license plates

    • Actually, PROBOYNICK in Russian means a tool that English speakers call “punch”.

  3. Russia, when you have nothing left but art.

  4. The Curious Rock June 21, 2017


  5. SZEmbroidered June 22, 2017

    Does he get people’s permission for this, or does he just do it without asking?

  6. Really amazing. Except for the the cult hands.

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