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  1. Where'd you go to school July 12, 2014

    Something a church based school might teach.

    • Actually what they’re saying here is correct, at least as a possibility. But you’re an atheist and this makes you somehow, in a miraculous way, very smart.

    • They don’t teach. Teaching involves thinking. They indoctrinate.

    • You must be speaking of public schools. Unionized teachers only worry about salary and benefits, not educating children.

    • Where'd you...ect July 13, 2014

      Hey javi Don’t you recognize trolling where you read it??

    • @ @EUro
      What is that with you americans and unions? The whole world has unions and they work well and everyone is happy, except for the italians maybe… Anyway. You suck at having unions. Unions are important as a counter weight to organized employers and companies. You failed at “union class” and now your job market sucks. And still you are blaming the unions. It’s you. Everyone in “the one Nation” of USA is an egoist only caring for himself. And investing in a group that advocates your rights or working together with others for better working conditions is… eeewww… communism! US lobbyists and big employers are happy people. They made you all stupid.

    • Hey Where’d you…ect Don’t you recognize trolling where you read it??

    • Redneck With A Gun July 15, 2014

      The Koch brothers do not want unions so we do not have unions. It is that easy! They tell me how to think and I pretend to think!

    • Public school teachers don’t work for companies.

    • Your government is owned by companies.

  2. Sarah Palin July 13, 2014

    As long as we can agree that Planet Earth is only 5800, I don’t care what you say dinosaurs did or didn’t do.

  3. Philosoraptor July 17, 2014

    Must contemplate…

  4. Oil is not from dino, is from plants

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