Diary of a New Mother


When in 2012 Lucy Scott gave birth to her little girl, she reached for a pencil and started to record her experience as a new mom. This is the result.


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  1. Who forced you to procreate?

    • Honest John February 1, 2016

      Probably a Single man who can’t get a girlfriend…
      …do you have an alibi?

    • @John I have a ton of money that I saved by not having kids.

    • What’s the point? The point is that you didn’t find this humorous because you don’t think anyone should relate with others about the difficult parts of having children?

    • @otto – those are the *easy* bits.
      Coming soon: the Terrible Twos, the Tyrannical Threes, the Fecal Fours, the Foul Fives, the stupid Sixes, …
      The good news is that the first eighteen years are the worst. After than you can change the locks and let ’em back in when they become human beings …

  2. teach you to be a stay at home mom. get out and work like the rest of the chattel!

  3. Everybody wants/expects birthday parties. I wanted to throw a party the day my daughter was potty trained.

  4. I bathe in feminist tears February 1, 2016

    Car journeys I can relate to 100%. Seems this person has not yet experienced the age when the toddler gets car sick, or else it would be drawn. Breastfeeding I have no experience of. But as a stay-at-home dad for some months, I’d say most of the depictions here are caused by lack of planning, poor attention span and just pure laziness.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob February 2, 2016

      Joe Bob and me got a whole bunch of kids in our fambiles. We love’em all, but the way you jest talked about that kid… Remember, kids that age ain’t real good at planning and they don’t yet got no attention span at all. Leave the kid alone.

  5. Dang people, IT’S A FREAKING CARTOON! Ya know, kinda like an exaggeration? Not drawn to scale?

  6. I never had those problems.

  7. It's a jeep thing.... February 12, 2016

    Hahaha! This is true for all new parents, not just Mums. (But worth it!!)

  8. this is spot on! brilliant!

  9. Well, if the fater helped, it wouldn’t be so bad for the mother

  10. Shoulda had an abortion.

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