The Awkward Faces of Olympic Synchronised Swimming



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  1. What’s even more ridiculous is their make-up.

  2. Once again . . . not a sport.

    • Cox-a-'splodin' February 20, 2018

      Once again… no one cares. Except me. But only to tell you that no one cares.

  3. Looks like last gasps for breath before drowning. Also good advert for waterproof makeup.

  4. The first is just practicing to walk like an Egyptian

  5. Ah I see Kauf Buch participated as is seen in image 4, the one in front

  6. If men and women are the same, why there are no men in this sport?

    • Curious I see well kauf should be your first bi curious exp

    • @Obsessed I see you have no answer to that question either

    • Very good question indeed @Curious. The other Olympic sport men cannot compete in is rhythmic gymnastics. Matriarchy!

  7. Even when they try, they can’t make me laugh. “**** YOU EATLIVER”!!

  8. Doesn't look at faces February 20, 2018

    Is it a requirement to be small breasted to be a synchronized swimmer?

  9. gobsmacked scientist February 20, 2018

    I never knew synchronized swimming is performed at the Winter Olympics. It must be really cold in the water, probably chunks of ice floating around too. No wonder they make weird faces.

  10. Wow people are kinda mean here

    Also I think image 3 is definitely the most awkward

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