Sad Topographies: Instagram Account Collects The Saddest-Sounding Places On Earth

Some places in the world have strange, depressing names. @SadTopographies makes sure we don’t forget about them. For those who doesn’t feel sad enough after scrolling trough their Instagram account, there’s also a book available on Amazon. Just in time for Christmas! Yay!

Bowl of Tears.

Hopeless Way.

Point No Point.

Pain Lane and Suffering Lane.

Useless Islands.

Pointless Mountain.

Agony Island.

Road To Misery.

Miserable Lake.

Pity Me.

Why Me Lord Lane.

Cape Disappointment.

Friendless Lane.

Crying Child Island.

Failure Canyon.

The saddest part of town.

Unfortunate Cove.

Sad Road.

Mistake Island.

Depressed Lake.

9 thoughts on “Sad Topographies: Instagram Account Collects The Saddest-Sounding Places On Earth”

  1. Note how most reflect the political state of their respective countries.

  2. Specially the bowl of lib tears

  3. Could also be rightard blood. As we all know it’s indistinguishable from water.

  4. I live in DC area, the District of Corruption. How come it didn’t make the comic strip?

  5. @Anon: “Oh yeah, well, you too!!” (◔_◔)

  6. I know. I’m very deep.

  7. “A Dog Will Lick His Butt, But Won’t Eat A Pickle Road. . .”
    In Fountain Colorado. . . Off C&S Road, between Legend Oak Drive and Valley Ranch Point. .
    Google it. . Google maps, street view. .

  8. Where’s , Shades Of Death Rd, NJ ?

  9. It’s not a real name recognized by the city, but nearby homeowner Cody Driver said the HOA told the family they had to name the road, so they did…

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