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  1. Unknown Origin May 25, 2017

    I work hard and over the years I replaced poverty (I had to make my own sanitary towels and go without food or heating to feed my children) – with a wonderful life – my own home, holidays aboard, a new car and a lovely, happy life. Unless you know real poverty, you don’t understand the significance of earning your own money. No one has given me anything in life.. I’ve achieved it all myself through hard work.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 26, 2017

      Way to go. Those spoiled brainless leftists think government should take from hard workers to give to lazy ones to solve problems. They think: I exist, someone should feed me.

    • Puritanic morons. No wonder you were thrown out of Europe. No one wants you. So you just set sails, killed the natives of North America and stole their land.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 26, 2017

      @Dat tell us. Do you hate hard work or hard workers? What exactly offended you? Where do you think your welfare comes from?

    • I’m offended by idiots who think work is a privilege given by God.
      There are people who desperatly look for work but can’t find any. Welfare is to help these people in need. But the puritan philosophy in american heads still make people think unemployment is a punishment by God and those who are without work deserve poverty, hunger and sickness instead of help.
      Giving work is a responsibility of people who can create jobs. Those who already have. “Man forges his own destiny” does not apply in this world. Or at least not any more. If they can’t create jobs they have to fund welfare. There is not enough work for all. Or do we want to abandon all of our technological gizmos and machinery in favor of lousy jobs?

    • RegressiveLeftist May 26, 2017

      Giving jobs is responsibility of no one. People are free to live their lives. The ones who choose to work hard have no duty to pay the bills of who doesn’t.
      You are just a spoiled little kid afraid of living your life without being a parasite after your parents kick you out of their home.

    • Also you began as a parasite in your mother’s womb.
      And you avoid a real response. All you do is hitting around you in hope the arguments go away. The world you propose is without humanity. I hope you will once live in such a world and face your failure with all cruelty you can get. Because in that world even you are not worth the dirt under our shoes.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 26, 2017

      That explains a lot. You resent hard workers and enterpreneurs because they got a better life while your lazy as s is stuck in your parents’ basement after you didn’t care for studying.
      Now you want government to bail you out by stealing hard work from somebody else.
      You world is an utopia where wealth appears out of nowhere and government is there to split it up in even parts. You just didn’t realize that the wealth comes indeed from hard workers and enterpreneurs.

    • Uhm, I do actual work. Something most of you can’t say of yourselves. In contrast to you I don’t post here during work hours on my employer’s costs.

    • RegressiveLeftist May 28, 2017

      Tell us: is your employer a leftist who complains about capitalism or an entrepreneur that runs a company to make him money while creates you a job? Unless of course you work in a public office, then you suck from all tax payers.

  2. Unknown Origin May 25, 2017

    So all you nay-sayer – do one!

  3. I’d rather be exhausted than depressed

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