Dementia Is No Laughing Matter

8 thoughts on “Dementia Is No Laughing Matter”

  1. Ok. I don’t get it.

  2. 1999 hit – Forgot about Dre:
    Dude was singing then about how the ‘rap game’ forgot about him. 16 years later he’s still working on his new album when no one’s waiting for it anymore.

  3. How old are you?
    (Forgot About Dre is 2001 hit single form… yes!… Dr. Dre, featuring Eminem.)

  4. I am 28 and still did not get it. Lame.

  5. Yes, you are lame.

  6. Oh, now I get it. It wasn’t supposed to be funny.

  7. Is he a proper Dr? only I need a new gp!

  8. it’s just a very stupid joke. Nothing to understand.

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