14 thoughts on “Defenseless Animal”

  1. Change the animals to a cheetah and an antelope.

  2. American and russian politics of the last 70 years.

  3. Why would an antelope throw a knife at a cheetah? Doesn’t make sense.

  4. It doesn’t. Piece of sh*t!

  5. Cheetahs never win.

  6. Republican logic.

  7. Yes, all others regimes are very different and much better.

  8. It’s no ordinary rabbit!

  9. He must work for the NSA.

  10. “It’s coming right for us!” (Jimbo)

  11. I’d kill me up some good ol’ food, wit or witout no knife.

  12. Why are you speaking English and not the honored language of The Prophet? Soon all EUro’s will.

  13. That rabbit deserved what it got!

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