Left-Wing Extremists Are Hilarious

27 thoughts on “Left-Wing Extremists Are Hilarious”

  1. So… they can’t be hungry?

  2. Are you pretending to be stupid or you really don’t get it?

  3. @Lolfosor
    I don’t remember asking you anything.

  4. I once ate a whole bean

  5. Got it. Not pretending.

  6. Cut him some slack. He doesn’t even know an interrogation mark at the end of his sentence means he did ask something.

  7. No rich enough to by potato.

  8. Potato too good for Marxist scum. Beet soup for the proles.

  9. In soviet Russia, soup beats you

  10. So why not mcdonalds? I dont get the relationship between kfc n left!

  11. @Lolfosor: why acting like an ******* behind the computer? you can still be ‘cool’ or’funny’ and ‘enjoy’ being a troll by leaving not-insulting comments.

  12. So… do you have to find a worker run restaurant or not eat at all? What’s the moral of the story here?

  13. Like right winged morons always do the right thing. Like having an afair in the eye of God, shooting people in churches, marrying their sisters. Pathetic.

  14. As PSEUDO-stupid as “American in Vienna”.
    Thank you very much.

  15. Gee…now THAT’S certainly a RATIONAL response. (/s)

  16. Kiarash is the kind of Leftist who sees
    between the cries of
    “peace, love and tolerance”
    and the
    outright violence of antifa…which reliably and repeatedly
    (that’s a polite way of saying a ****** HYPOCRITE and MORON)

  17. Ah, Kauf Buch. Out of prison again I presume.
    We missed your meaningless posts of soulless hatred.

  18. Dude, even by your standards that’s incoherent, random nonsense. You ok?

  19. No, he’s out of rehab but fell off the wagon on the way to the station. All his aggravation is just a silent cry for help…

  20. You should see the foam at his mouth. Watching him with binos right now. It’s ugly. I mean, more than usual.

  21. So what should a communist living in a capitalist society do, then? Not eat?

  22. Move to North Korea or Cuba

  23. But North Korea is actually a monarchy.

  24. Is KFC in downtown Leningrad after May Day parade, Da?

  25. German neo-nazis, boneheads, you surely know what I mean, they used to like Levi’s jeans, but then, after a few decades, someone told them that Levi Strauss was actually a Jew. They still make a lot of these silly “mistakes” though.

  26. for those to dense to understand: you can’t eat KFC if you’re a leftist because it represents Capitalism and all that is “wrong” with it.
    Unfortunately all leftists are hypocrites, so you get what is pictured here.

  27. They really should have gone to that Communist Fried Chicken across the plaza. This is just inexcusable.

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