6 Deadly Facts About Water



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  1. Albert Gore January 17, 2015

    Dear sirs and Landlord. Please include the fact that water vapor is a green house gas warming our planet to an extinction level event. Only when we ban CO2 and H2O can bring our planet into it’s proper balance.
    Water causes ELE TEOTWAWKI. Please include this on your post.
    Thank You,

  2. TheScientist January 17, 2015

    These facts are disturbingly true.

  3. Gerd Müller January 17, 2015

    Ban it!

  4. Buy me a beer January 17, 2015

    Water is for external use only.

  5. I love this site.

  6. Did serial killers actually admit to the obvious. I dismiss that “fact” as null and void.

  7. Richard Hertz January 18, 2015

    My body rejects water… eventually.

  8. The End Is Nigh January 18, 2015

    Dihydrogen Monoxide is much worse!

  9. let’s all drink Gatorade instead!

  10. It’s actually Di-Hydrohen Monoxide

  11. PatronasKitty7 September 23, 2015

    *Gasp* Oh no!

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