Decisions, Decisions…

11 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. no, the “ugly girls” is wrong. in fact, there are a lot of hot single women 30+. But they’re stupid and you’re better off without them.

  2. I’m 40+ and my lady friend is a rather good looking, slim, 24-year old without kids. Take that,

  3. I’m fat, so single forever it is.

  4. Joe Bob had to look most of these words up but he said, “There are more than three choices.” J.B. pointed out that , “the author of this cartoon is male-centric, and not taking into account homosexual persons.” He also suggest that the asexual male has been overlooked. Joe Bob spent the whole day thinking and looking this comment up. Gave him a big shot of raw dog and put him to bed. He’ll be OK tomorrow.

  5. MGTOW

  6. Oh. Then you’re rich.

  7. if you’ve got to your 30’s and still not married, either:
    a) your genitalia is somehow deficient
    b) well done mate!!!

  8. No, I am rather poor.

  9. Find a fat chick!

  10. Must be ‘b’!

  11. Those are the ones on the “step-dad” path.

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