Dating Service for Jihadists

16 thoughts on “Dating Service for Jihadists”

  1. Semper Fi

  2. Laughing and death and destruction as if it is a wonderful thing… Very American.

  3. i’m not seeing any bullets in his rifle

  4. War overseas is always fun ‘n’ games.

  5. You seen how Americans are driving vans onto people in Europe? While they yell: Jesus is great!!

  6. Virgins playing Magic: The Gathering

  7. Eatliver used to be funny about 6 or 7 years ago, now it’s literally a cesspool for meaningless propaganda. Wasn’t it Americans who supported (still do) Islamists everywhere on earth, getting all the guns and butter to the Islamists’ frontlines? Wasn’t it Americans that invented the 72 virgins thing? Stupidity at its finest…

  8. Another myth in the making. US lost in Afghanistan, they lost in Iraq. Just like in Vietnam.

    The death toll on both side is depressing. And new wars n the making. Man is not getting any smarter, just greedier.

  9. I’m a marine, the rest of you are just bitches who whine all day. 0311

  10. Actually, this double-you Bush guy invaded Iraq because God told him so in his dreams.

  11. Hein, no, they drive into people yelling “Heil Trump” instead.
    And isn’t it “God bless America”, “one nation under God”, “In God we trust” and “God’s own country” all the time? Justifying racism and violence with God. Religious fanatics all over that planet.

  12. If you say so. It’s not an accomplishment to become a bullet catcher.

  13. Thanks, Dat. You just helped me to argue against the comment we are both replying to :)
    The difference is: when a dictator threat to use nuclear bombs, you turn to USA for help, not to the followers of the pedophile prophet.

  14. No caliphate. No sharia.

  15. Semper Fi

  16. Dat goes cry to his mother while Jago defends his freedom.
    I am grateful for your services!

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